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P.C. 7/19/2014

Because of political correctness I decided today that THE|PORTAL will not lead to hell if you enter the „Eastern World“.

In fact THE|PORTAL will have one side only, marking the end of the western world. If that is the entrance to hell or to heaven I don’t know myself. THE|PORTAL should be both or neither.


The one sided portal is then a reflection of the West itself which can always only see himself in others. Or better – it is here at „the site at which Western colonial expansion reached its natural limit, and thus changed its direction, from outward expansion to an inner intensification.“ (Anselm Franke)

Day Of The Missing Child

NCMC604028c1It is the most tragic thing that can happen to a parent and apart from the great uncertainty of the missing child’s whereabouts and it’s well-being – there is one thing certain: Your missing child is alive.

Missing children are not dead and can never die or we would stop looking for them. They are the undead of our society. They surround us everyday, mostly in form of photos but there is no way we can reintroduce them into our group. We can not interact with them on the basis of some sort of exchange. The dialogue with a missing child can only be an inner painful monolog.

There is no way around it or better: there is no way to it.

We have to try to deal with the unbearable and not only today on the day of the missing child but everyday!

In an attempt to give the missing children a fixed place, a place to honor their daily absence, to acknowledge their existence and so to acknowledge our pain, I put their portraits up on
THE|PORTAL, temporary at the entrance to California City.

Some of the photos I chose, seem to be very old and there is little hope you might ever find this child again, who by now must have turned into an adult. But this is not for the missing children, it is for us who are present and here in this room today. It is for us who cannot mourn somebody who is not dead. And maybe this is also for our inner child we could never bury inside of us.

California City is a very special place with a very special feeling to it. This might not occur to anybody living here but to me the empty streets, the crazy winds and crazy stars, all the missed opportunities and the missing people in this town make California City just the right place for THE|PORTAL which will also be a monument for the missing child.

Dennis Rudolph on behalf of THE|PORTAL, 5/20/2014DAY OF THE MISSING CHILD

Why Southern California?

L.A.“The Pacific beaches are where young men stop going West, where the great waves of agrarian migration from Europe and the Middle West broke in a surf of fulfilled and frustrated hopes. The strength and nature of this westward flow need to be understood; it underlies the differences of mind between Los ANgeles and its sistermetropolis to the north.”

“San Francisco was plugged into California from the sea […] Yankee houses and prefabricated New England (or European) attitudes were dumped unmodified on the Coast. Viewed from Southern California it looks like a foreign enclave […] the Southern Californians came, predominantly, overland to Los Angeles, slowly traversing the whole North American land-mass and its evovling history.”

“Los Angeles is the Middle West raised to flash-point, the authoritarian dogmas of the Bible Belt and the perennial revolt against them colliding at critical mass under the palm trees. Out if it comes a cultural situation where only the extreme is normal…”

-Reyner Banham







“The Art always arrives too late. When the fighting is done (artists are cowards). All she can do is arrange the funeral settings.”



Art as Work of Mourning or The Role of the Artist in Modern Society


That’s probably where it all started, having to deal with the unbearable: death.

The artist has the talent of giving things a form. A form which allows to comprehend the unthinkable. So since then art is in any way a way to mourne.

The portal I am going to build is a work of mourning in several ways.

First it is a Gate to Hell/Heaven’s Gate thus picking up the props of the ancient western way to imagine death. There is already a feeling of loss here, because this portal is two sided – one side being the entrance to Hell the other to Heaven- and so it leads into nothingness.

The portal is built in California, the place where the journey of the settlers from Europe ended. And it is also the place where all the achievements of the western culture came to fulfillement. The portal is going to mark the border of the western Civilisation plus the end of the cultural development of the West. The west as the place of the setting sun is also widely understood as a place of dying. Of course seen from Asia California is the east, a morning of a brighter future.

The portal is built in California City, a mostly unknown failed urban developement project from the 50s in the Mojavi Desert 100 miles north of Los Angeles. It is covering an area bigger than L.A. with a huge structure of laid out empty streets, giving the city the sad feeling of lost oppurtunitys. Due to being only 1½ hours away from Los Angeles and actually planned to rival L.A. it becomes the negative version of L.A. L.A. is everything that California City didn’t become. Also the structure of the city lies wide open (like an open wound).