theportalendblog32So did this art project. Travel here to die.
Never to be realized.

The unrealized idea of building a portal between heaven and hell at the end of the western world-California City.

California where the expansion of the western culture was brought to a halt. Stopped by the natural limitation of the Pacific.

Here where the gaze turned inwards.
A portal as a mirror to the soul of the western man.
Here build this culture a monument: the|portal

GOD‘s power derives from his absence.
There is no picture of GOD.
The idea stays around.

Inbetween heaven and hell.

Inbetween good and evil.

The unrealized idea remains in a state of arrested developement just like California City, the failed urban developement project.

Why, the portal project is realized by not realizing it.

The missing californian children have no place by having a place on the never to be realized portal situated in the never realized city where all the empty streets have names.

In their name…theportalendblog3