“The Development from primal societys to modern society is irreversible: eventually the dead cease to exist. They are excluded from symbolic circulation within the group. They are not anymore suited as partners for exchange, and are being told so by being banished more and more from the group of the living: first from the intimity of the house to the graveyard (a collection center in the heart of the village or city at the beginning). Then from the center of town more and more towards the periphery (the first ghetto) and finally into a nowhere, as in the modern city and contemporary metropolis, in which there is no place intended for the dead, not in physical space nor in spiritual space.”

“We all now what it is with these untrackable places, because if the factory doesn’t exist anymore, work is everywhere. If the graveyard doesn’t exist anymore, then only because the modern city as a whole has taken over this function: it is a dead city – a city of the dead. And if the big metropolis is the final expression of a whole culture, than ours is simply a culture of death.”

Of course this also applies to Los Angeles but it is just much more obvious in California City. Seen from above as in google maps the empty streets already look like the construction of a huge enormous cemetry. That’s why this is a much suitable place for a monument to Western World – the place of THE|PORTAL.