I will build a portal, two sided, one side being the Gateway to Hell – the other Heaven’s Gate. In California City on the Desert Butte. And this will mark the border of the western civilization. One side facing west, the other east.

But it won’t be me alone who will build this portal. It is the children of California City with whom I will work together on this project. They should in various ways influence the appearance of the two sides. Their drawings, paintings, texts, photos, etc. will be fired onto the ceramic tiles that cover the walls of the portal.

It will be them who create their own vision of heaven and hell. Because the children are the future and they will shape California, California City, America and the whole world, the symbolic meaning of this project will be extended by the dimensions of past – present – and future.

Working together with the local school and arts teacher this will be an unique and very special project. It’s success will be due to the children of California City.